Welcome to Mount Zion United Methodist Church

Summertime at Mount Zion

Each summer brings new opportunities and challenges to the Mount Zion Community. Summer months take on a different pace and flow from the rest of the year. Our members are on the move, taking much needed family vacations while the kids are out of school. Our weekend are often marked with family gathering that preclude our being in worship and Sunday School every week. And the list goes on and one as we find wonderful opportunities to relax, refresh and feel renewed so that when we start back during the autumn we are engaged and enthused.

The challenges of a the volunteer and paid staff is finding ways that our community of faith can remained active and engaged throughout the summer month even though they are away for a weekend or so. There are some great opportunities to remain connected in spite of the change of pace that summer brings. Borrowing from the brand of a popular T-Shirt company called "Life is good" we are celebrating that "Summertime at Mount Zion, Life is BETTER THAN good."

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Worship on Wednesday (WOW!)

Missed church on Sunday or just want to continue the praise? Join us at 7 pm this Wednesday as we continue our Worship on Wednesday (WOW!) series. Then join us for a fellowship activity outside on the lawn or if the weather does not cooperate, in the Sanctuary. Any questions please contact Katie Davis at teamdavis5@verizon.net or call the church office. Events include:

Date Topic Activity
July 30 “The Most Powerful Force in Life…Love” Campfire & S’mores
August 6 “The Worst Thing to be Without…Hope” Movie: Monument Men

School Supplies for Open Doors Food Pantry

When you are shopping for school supplies for your kids or if you are in the store and see supplies on sale, please consider purchasing extra supplies so we can help some of the families that come to the Food Pantry. We are hoping to collect enough supplies to equip approximately 55 students with necessary school supplies on Saturday, August 16th. Contact Carol Hill with any questions.

Digital Delivery of the Pointer Starts September 1

The Pointer is moving to digital delivery September 1, 2014.

With more and more people dropping mail delivery of the Pointer in favor of email, we are now well below the threshold required to maintain bulk mail rates. In addition, with the annual and per item fees for bulk mail continuing to rise, it is rapidly becoming cost prohibitive to continue to deliver the Pointer via mail.

By the end of the year, paper copies of the Pointer will no longer be delivered primarily by mail. Paper copies will be available at the beginning of the month in both the East and West Narthexes for pickup. Anyone unable to attend church may elect to receive a paper copy by mail. Over the next several months the office will collect names of people who still wish to receive a paper copy of the Pointer.

Please let the office know if you would still like to receive a paper copy of the Pointer but are unable to pick it up from the church directly and arrangements will be made to mail a Pointer to you monthly. You may contact the office by phone at 301-854-2324 x10 or email at mtzionhighland@verizon.net or gale.stanford@verizon.net. Our members who are in nursing homes or shut in will automatically continue to receive a paper copy of the Pointer.

If you are currently not receiving an email copy of the Pointer but would like to begin to, please let Gale Stanford know by sending an email request to gale.stanford@verizon.net or mtzionhighland@verizon.net.