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A Way of Encountering God in Scripture

Lectio Divina ‑ Divine Reading - A Way of Encountering God in Scripture

Meditatio – Pondering the Personal word

    1.  Read the passage slowly 3 times – hear God address you as an individual and as a group.

            -Sit silently for a minute or two.

     2.  Read the passage again – slowly – listen for  a word or phrase that catches your attention.

             -Sit in silence. 

      3.  Reread the passage – concentrate on the word or phrase that caught your attention and explore it in the context of the scripture and your life/work as  a group.

              -After a time of silence you may share with one another how the passage spoke to you or to the work of the group.  

Oratorio – Intimate dialogue with God

   Pray silently or aloud, or journal your thoughts and prayer.

Contemplatio – Heavenly rest

   Enjoy being in the presence of God and each other.... More


Holy Week Schedule

Thursday, April 17—Holy Thursday
7:00pm-Continuing on the theme of Being a Witness, we will travel the days from the Palm Sunday processional to the night that Jesus gathered with his followers in an Upper Room. Mount Zion members will re-enact the events of the week and you will be the witness.

Friday, April 18– Good Friday with Hopkins UMC
7:00pm-Mount Zion and Hopkins UMC are hosting the community Good Friday service. Rev. Sheridan Allmond will be our preacher for the evening.

Sunday, April 20–Resurrection Morning Services
6:15am–Easter Sunrise Service at Mount Zion Cemetery, Pastor Tammi Brantley to provides a message worthy of a Sunrise
8:15, 9:45 and 11:15—Easter Celebration Services, Pastor Malcolm Stranathan conclude our theme for Holy Week in a message titled, “Living Witnesses”

Easter Sunday Pancake Breakfast 
7:00 am to 11:00 am in the Fellowship Hall

Mother's Day Bouquets

Mt Zion’s new Cancer Care Ministry is selling bouquets of roses, made of wood; they and look 100% real. They will last forever as a keepsake for a special mom. If you would like to order a bouquet, contact Christy Erwin at: clerwin@verizon.net. Please specify who they are for and their favorite colors. A personalized bouquet will be made. They are selling for $10 and you may pick them up the Sunday before Mother’s Day.

Mother-Daughter Banquet

This year’s banquet is on May 10, from 6-10pm. Tickets are on sale now and are $8 for adults, $3 for children 3-8, children 3 and under are free. We are looking for 6 women to participate in our “Who’s that Lady” challenge. If you have any questions, or would like to be part of the challenge, please contact Elizabeth Blough at eblough@comcast.net or 301-604-6769