Adult Education

Pioneer Class
Sunday School class with a deep biblical focus.  This class meets Sunday mornings at 10:15 in conference room 1.  
Focus' on strengthening families through biblical principles, ministry welcomes parents with children of all ages. Studies vary through the year and focus on biblical principles related to parenting and personal growth. Come and enjoy sweet treats, hot beverages, and engaging fellowship.
Meets: Sunday mornings at 10:15 in conferernce room 2.
Contact:  Katie Davis for more information   

Young Adults (YA)
Are primarily focused on topics of interest to Young Adults from age 18 to 35. This welcoming group who will explore topics for 1-6 sessions at a time and will use a media/discussion format to provoke thoughtful study and exploration. Topics include Half-Truth's, a study put together by Adam Hamilton, that explores many commonly recognized sayings that may reflect but are not actually supported in scripture, Free Market Jesus, Donald Miller's thought provoking examination of how marketing messages affect the message of Christianity; and Francis Chan's study of Amazing Grace where the class will explore the relationship between grace, sin and works. These motivating topics of study are designed to bring us into a closer relationship with God.
Meets: 10:15 a.m. every Sunday
Contact: Steve Dennis 

Drop-in Class
Sunday School class with a focus on contemporary events and what the Bible teaches us about them.  This class meets Sunday mornings at 10:15 a.m. in conference room 3. 
Monday Morning Bible Study
Small group that grows their spirituality through scripture and various studies.  This group meets Monday's at 10 a.m. in conference room 2. 
For more information about Adult Education, contact